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Job Position : Painter

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Job Summary :

Responsible for complete refinish process of vehicle.

Essential Functions :

1.Performs all refinish work according to specs; 2.Select paint according to company requirements, and match colors of paint following specified color charts; 3.Responsible for communicating vehicles stage in paint process; Monitor painting operations to identify flaws, such as blisters or streaks, and correct their causes; 4.Mix paints to match color specifications or vehicles' original colors, then stir and thin the paints, using spatulas or power mixing equipment; 5.Follows OEM standards for blending formulas, top coat application and curing; 6.Apply designs, lettering, or other identifying or decorative items to finished products, using paint brushes or paint sprayers; 7.Verify paint consistency; 8.Lay out logos, symbols, or designs on painted surfaces, according to blueprint specifications, using measuring instruments, stencils, or patterns; 9.Works with paint team to assist with keeping vehicle on track for scheduled delivery time;

Qualifications :

1. Ceritfications in paint procedures; 2. I-CAR certifications; 3. Prior refinish experience; 4. Ability to receive and give direction; 5. Relaible work history; 6. Must be able to pass thorough background check;