Ladies and gentlemen, we have a mystery on our hands. A technician disconnected the battery of the vehicle, and are now unable to open the trunk. Yes key will not open it ether. Without power, systems of the car will not work. To power the car with the battery disconnected, you’ll need to utilize the jump cables. Note that if you connect the negative or positive together you, will burn the computer (ECU) of the car. They should never be connected to each other. Negative jumper cable should be hooked anywhere on the body of the car. That will act as a ground.  


The connector is located under the glove box, and behind the carpet (varies between models). The first will be the carpet covering the first layer. Following that is a sheet of metal, but be careful not to connect the two. Afterwards, you will see a red cable as pointed out in the video.

This is a living document — as we learn more, we'll probably need to change this page.

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