2009 JEEP LIBERTY V6 3.7L 4X4 DTC CODE U1417/U1418/P0501




  • U1417: Implausible Left Wheel Distance Signal Received.
  • U1418: Implausible Right Wheel Distance Signal Received.
  • P0501: Vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Performance.



I’m test driving the customer’s 2009 Jeep Liberty, and I noticed on the dashboard, most of the icons are lit up. Check Engine, Traction, Tires, ABS, Breaks, and even Seat-belts, they’re all on. You could say it looks like a Christmas tree. Seems like the car has a major problem. After the test drive, we’ll hook up the scanner and see what kind of problems the vehicle has. Even the speedometer isn’t functioning. As you can see, the car’s moving, but the speedometer isn’t. It’s stuck at zero. The customer complained that everything lights up all of a sudden, and right at that moment is when the speedometer stoped working. Hopefully, we’ll find out why. After hooking up the scanner, I got the codes above. Digging deeper into the diagnostics I found, the codes are incorrect. You may be wondering why they’re incorrect. Well, whatever functions the codes are pointing out, are listed as the problems. They are in fact, not the problems. After thirty five years of experience dealing with cars, the only possible solution is for me to visually inspect the car, especially the tire sizes, because the first trouble code points to either a faulty sensor, damaged hub, or incorrect tire size. When the inspection finished, I noticed that one of the rear tires were a size smaller than the rest.



I retrieved the correct size, and replaced the small tire with the correct size. After I took another test drive, to my surprise, the lights didn’t pop up like usual, and the speedometer was functioning as it was supposed to. The reason as to why there was an issue anyways, was that the ECU couldn’t correctly read the speed of the vehicle. This was because a rear tire was smaller than the rest, causing it to turn fast than the others. The first thing you must do when getting a U1417/U1418 code, is to examine your tires to see if all of them are identical in size.

Fair/Not Fair:

A fair price for this fix is whatever the tire costs.  It could be 100 to 150$ in cost, so – in a way, you’re paying way less than you should have. If you had an untrustworthy mechanic, he would’ve made you pay for parts that could’ve cost you thousands, that were unnecessary.

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