Most car batteries are located inside the engine bay (under the hood). But some car companies have strange engineering and this is one of them. Locating the battery of the car is extremely complicated, as only a rocket scientist and someone with special skills could only find it.

This one is located under the left (driver side) fender liner, which is concealed, so you’ll have to look around for it. When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, and a good samaritan wants to help you jumpstart your car, that’s not going to happen either. The other problem is how to jump it. In the image, you have three ground cables and one positive. As a person who has no experience with cars, it’s difficult to choose which cable to hook up to jump the vehicle. No worries, as I’m here to explain what to do in a situation like this. As I said before, this is a terrible design for a conventional vehicle like this one.

You can hook the ground (black cables of your jumper, see in image) to the black one, and positive (red cables of your jumper, see in image) to the red one.

Note: Know that this is an important step if you want to change your battery. Apply power with the booster to the jump locations as it is demonstrated in the image. Remove the positive cable first from the old battery and wrap with plastic or with a towel, so it doesn’t make contact with the vehicle’s body, otherwise you’ll burn the computer. The reason I suggest you to have power supplied by the time you are changing the battery is because this way all your stereo codes, seat memory positions and everything else  won’t need to be reset. You will keep everything the way it was before. Sometimes, disconnecting the battery might completely cause you to lose the transponder for your key, and will be required to be reprogrammed. After removing the positive cable, remove the negative and replace the new battery following the same sequence. Make sure you take out the plastic wrap that will be on the new battery. If there is none, just install your battery, tie the connectors (make sure that the connectors are really tied and not lose) and remove the booster cables. After that, you’re all done and are ready to go.

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