Location-of-the-tire-production-date-on-the-tire     Decoting-4-digit-date-code-on-the-tire

On this illustration you will be able to pinpoint the production date of the tire. All manufacturers use a same format. You can find these 4 digit numbers on the side wall of the tire, usually after 'DOT'. It is recommended that any tire more than 4 years old shouldn’t be used, even if it is brand new.

"DOT" Department of Transportation Safety Code

This assures that your tire complies with all Departmentof Transportation (DOT) safety standards. After the DOT insignia is your tire’s
identification number, which begins with the tire’s manufacturer and plant codewhere the tire was manufactured (two numbers or letters). The ninth and tenth characters tell the week the tire was manufactured. The final number(s) signifies the year the tire was manufactured.


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