What is The Daily Quiz?

 The Daily Quiz is a question and answer type of a thing, where you have the chance to win some cool stuff! The Daily Quiz comes up only once a day, questions will pop up any time between 8:00 am to 3:00 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).  Answers to quiz questions will not be accepted after 4:00 pm PST each day.

 Rules are;


  1. One answer per question, so make sure it is your final answer!
  2. No more answers accepted after the correct answer is received.

 Prizes are as follows;


  1. Get one question correct, you WIN direct line limited addition T-shirt.
  2. Get 10 questions correct, you WIN the Direct Line Racing hat
  3. Get 20 questions correct, you WIN mini tablet
  4. Get 50 questions correct, you WIN the Official DIRECT LINE racing jacket with your name on it.
  5. Get 65 questions correct, you WIN XBOX ONE 


 After 65 questions are answered correctly, the counter resets to zero and everyone starts over from the beginning. This rule applies to all participants worldwide. Good Luck!

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